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Hydrangea macrophilla (Veitchii) flows120 Hydrangea macrophilla (Veitchii) Thistle head, close up Heather
flow0405 flow0404 Hydrangea macrophilla through foliage flow0407 Fuchsia (Autumnale)
flow0401 flow0403 Thistle head flow0406 flow0402
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 Captioned images in this category [Flowers - purples]:
 flow0218Fuchsia (Autumnale)
 flow0408Hydrangea macrophilla through foliage
 flow0410Thistle head
 flow0411Thistle head, close up
 flows105Hydrangea macrophilla (Veitchii)
 flows124Hydrangea macrophilla (Veitchii)