Your usage rights for our images

The formal Licence Agreement is shown below and applies to all purchases. Briefly: once you have purchased an edgypix image you may generally use it for any print or web application, or in TV commercials, on packaging and in other promotional media – and you can use it as many times as you like within your organisation. There are no additional charges related to repro size, print run or position. Simplifying the rules makes it easier for us, and easier for you! However there are just a few reasonable restrictions:

First, you may not resell any image in digital form – on the web, on CD or any other way. You may not resell any image in printed form as part of a collection of images. And you may not display an edgypix image, for example on a website, in any way that implies that you took the photo or own the copyright. Always, the copyright remains with edgypix and the original photographer.

Second, prices shown on this site are for 'normal' use – contact us for high volume or high profile resale uses like postcards, or certain book jackets, CD designs or posters (the price might not be any different, but we like to know. If in doubt, please ask).

Fair enough?  Now for the formal agreement...

Edgypix End-User Licence Agreement

'Edgypix' is a trading name of Diafade Business Communications (hereafter referred to as 'Diafade'), based in Great Britain. This is a legal agreement between you and Diafade. By downloading an image from the Edgypix website - including any image offered as a free sample - you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree you must decline the purchase or if you have already downloaded an image you must delete it from your computer.

If you are purchasing images on behalf of your employer, this agreement and its conditions apply equally to your employer, who by your purchase of the image(s) is considered to have accepted this agreement. The agreement with your employer will persist if at any time you no longer work for them. In the context of this agreement, 'purchasing' includes the download of free samples.

Diafade hereby grants you a non-exclusive licence to download images - after due payment - from the Edgypix website to your personal computer, and to use them and copies and derivatives of them in designs and illustrations in printed and online documents, and in broadcast programmes and performances, subject to any restrictions defined below.

This licence extends to your employer if you are purchasing on behalf of your employer. You may share the images with others working in the same organisation or on common projects, but you may not share with third parties, and you may not sell or sublicence images to a third party.

You may not use the images in any manner not expressly permitted in this licence agreement. Copyright in each image and all rights not specifically granted are retained by Diafade and the original photographer. Copyright is protected under UK law and by international laws and treaties.

Edgypix images used on websites may not be used at a size larger than 960 x 720 pixels, and the attention of site visitors should be drawn to the fact that the images are copyright and that they may not use or copy them other than for the purpose of viewing your website. Images may not be shown on a website or in print in any way that implies that you or your employer created the image or own the copyright in it.

You may not use any Edgypix image in any manner or as part of any project which is pornographic, defamatory, libellous, distasteful or illegal under common or international law. You may not use an Edgypix image as a trademark.

Edgypix images may not be included in any form of electronic template or application which is intended to allow other users to create multiple versions of a printed or electronic product, such as (but not limited to) business cards, letterheadings, presentation pages, electronic greeting cards or website designs.

Images may not be sublicenced, resold or otherwise made available in either printed or electronic form for use or distribution separately or detached from a product or web page.

© Diafade Business Communications 2007

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