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As well as photographs inspired by the natural world – many of which fall under the 'Concepts' heading here – edgypix also offers royalty-free pictures of shapes and patterns of man made structures, old and new, plus some European city landmarks.

London, Venice, Vienna and Zürich are featured now, and, rather like our views of nature, the City images aim to capture the character and feel of the local environment as well as (in some cases) showing the well-known sights. They're ideal for mood setters in editorial features.

Many 'Concepts' images are also good for setting the scene when specific location is not important, such as in Skies, Tonal Recession, Impressions, Abstracts, Backgrounds and Derelict categories.

edgypix is based in the UK; photos feature UK and European subjects.
  On the Shore
East Anglian sea shore East Anglian Coast  new
Smooth sand and deserted beaches on England's North Norfolk coast...
English fishing boats photos Working Boats
Some of England's inshore fishing fleet, on Cornish & Suffolk coasts
  In the City : London
Pictures of London shapes and structures Shapes & Structures
London buildings, patterns, shapes, bridges, structures and reflections
Pictures of London's City Hall City Hall
Dramatic design overlooking the River Thames; home of the GLA
Pictures of London scenes and buildings Scenes and Buildings
Pictures of London scenes, skylines and landmarks near the Thames
  History in the City
Pictures of Venice (Venezia), Italy Venice, Italy
Unique gondolas & historic bridges on the canals of Venice [Venezia]
Photos of Venice (Venezia), Italy Venice, Italy
Character and modern colour in this beautiful and much loved city
Pictures of Vienna (Wien), Austria Vienna, Austria
The center of Vienna [Wien] Austria, is packed with history...
Pictures of Zurich, Switzerland Zürich, Switzerland
Capture the atmosphere of the historic old quarter of Zürich, CH
Photos of clouds and skies Dramatic Sky & Clouds
Stormy skies, sunsets, pink tinted clouds, ominous dramatic shapes
Photos of clouds and skies Clouds & Peaceful Skies
Clear winter skies, puffy cumulus, calm receding tones, aerial views
Impressions and shapes Impressions
Blur, distortion, movement; shapes and colors to suggest a mood
Tonal recession photos Tonal Recession...
or Aerial Perspective. Atmospheric mountains and shore; contre jour...
Churchyard images Churchyard
Dreamy memories from an English country churchyard; spring flowers
Derelict photos Derelict
Boats, buildings, metalwork – no longer used, but images linger ...
Tonal recession photos Abstract: bright & bubbly !
Brilliant colours and a multitude of overlapping see-through shapes
Tonal recession photos Abstracts & backgrounds
Smoother bright-colored circles and curves for backgrounds/illustration
Tonal recession photos Abstracts: subdued tones
Deeper less saturated images ideal for text and illustration background
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