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The edgypix image library offers royalty-free pictures of trekking in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco and across wild and icy landscapes in Iceland; hiking in the Swiss Alps; and walking among the beauty of the English Lake District.

Pictures of autumn leaves and the snows of winter on Lake District fells, photos of blossom in the spring and vivid summer flowers reflect the changing seasons.

The photos are available worldwide through this site and are intended for websites, magazines, CD sleeves, book jackets, brochures, TV, adverts, newsletters ...
  Autumn into Winter
Early autumn pictures Early Autumn
Colours changing, leaves are golden green against a clear blue sky...
Pictures of autumn leaves Autumn Leaves 1
Pictures of autumn leaves early in the season; back-lit beech & maple
Pictures of autumn leaves Autumn & WinterTrees  new
Trees, treetrunks & golden leaves catch the autumn and winter sun
Pictures of autumn leaves Autumn Woodland  new
Sunshine breaks through to autumn leaves in English woodland clearings
Photos of autumn leaves Autumn Leaves 2
Back-lit red acers and others, with droplets of water caught in the sun
Close ups of autumn leaves Autumn Leaves: singles
Moving in close to single golden leaves in the autumn sun...
Late autumn pictures Late Autumn
Dying flower heads, rustling leaves, brambles, holly and spiders' webs
Pictures of seasons: winter Wintertime
Misty morning, frosty dying leaves pictures, a sprinkling of snow
  Flowers and Blossom
Red flower images Flowers: reds
Strong red flower pictures in spring & summer sun; dahlia, tulip, freesia
Pink flower pictures Flowers: pinks
Gentler colors and cooler weather - dahlias, waterlilies, wild roses...
Purple flower photos Flowers: purples
Purple flower collection, mainly in close-up, from fuchsia to thistle...
Close-up pictures of flowers Close-up in the garden
Focusing in close on natural shapes and strong colors
Daffodil photos Flowers: daffodils
Pictures of daffodils in an English country garden in spring sunshine
Flowers: miscellaneous Flowers: misc.
Flower pictures that don't quite fit anywhere else at the moment!
Photos of blossom Springtime Blossom
White and pink blossom - welcome signs of spring in the country air
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