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The edgypix stock photo library offers royalty-free pictures of mountainous and/or remote locations – currently in England, Iceland, Switzerland and Morocco – that are ideal for trekking and general travel features, and for less specific use on CDs and book covers.

Images include the arid High Atlas mountains of Morocco and their Berber villages; the wild and icy volcanic landscapes of Iceland; tracks and lush valleys in the Swiss Alps.

There's a large collection of conveniently grouped pictures of the English Lake District in a variety of seasons and weather conditions, most with a detailed location caption (and further detail often available by email).

edgypix is based in the UK; our photos feature England and mainland European locations (plus Morocco, of course).
  Mountain Treks & Views
Pictures of Morocco: the High Atlas mountains
Morocco: the High Atlas
On trek around M'Goun, Jebel Rhat and the Ait Bougemez valley in the arid landscape of the dramatic High Atlas mountains of Morocco
Photos of the Icelandic landscape
Icelandic Landscape
The stark lowland landscapes of the Land of Ice and Fire, including the Markarfljót Gorge, steam, sulphur and the Ófaerufoss waterfall
Images of Iceland and icecaps
Volcanic Iceland
Trekking on and around Torfajökull icecap – near the northern edge of Myrdallsjökull – in the heart of the most active volcanic area in Iceland
Photos of the Swiss Alps: the Engadin
The Swiss Alps
Moods and sunshine in the valleys of the Engadin – mountain trails, buttercup meadows, atmospheric skies, glacier-worn rocks...
  The English Lake District
English Lake District pictures: the high fells Lake District high fells
Hiking pictures of peaks and higher fells, most in clear skies/sunshine
English Lake District photos: the valleys and lowlands Lake District valleys
Green beauty of the valleys and lower slopes through the seasons
English lake District images: at the lakeside Lake District: lakeside
Atmospheric photos of reflections, sunsets & mist at the water's edge
Pictures of snow in the English Lake District Lake District in snow
Buttermere, Langdale, Patterdale, Scafell Pike & Great Gable in snow
Photos of Herdwick sheep in the English Lake District Lake District: the sheep
Herdwicks, the unique Lake District sheep – always part of the scene!
Misty images from the English Lake District Lake District cloud & mist
Mist is not uncommon! The typical, atmospheric Lakeland weather...
Pictures of woods and forests of the English Lake District Lake District: woodland
In and around the trees, woods and forests of the Lakes national park
Some essential Lakeland photos Lake District: icons
Some characteristic Lake District scenes, structures and landmarks
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